Courses Taught at Wittenberg

  • WTSM (Freshman Seminar)100   Kanye and Jay-Z: How not to be a college drop-out
  • PHIL 106 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy and Modern Drama
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy of Hip Hop Culture
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy and Race
  • AFDS 201 Introduction to Africa and the Diaspora
  • AFDS 270  African American Filmic History
  • PHIL 311  Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 312 Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHIL 380 Love Death and Desire
  • PHIL 380 African American Philosophy


My Teaching Philosophy

My primary role as a teacher is to create a space for fluid learning in a dynamic and democratized environment. As with any sound democratic environment, it allows each component to flourish and no one person, not even the teacher, controls the flow of ideas or climate of cerebral cognition. I am like a symphony conductor who attempts to highlight the best of all participants while serving as a facilitator or ideas                    (or intellectual music). Additionally, it is crucial to help students think critically and insightfully.   I push and push until it hurts, then reel them back in with empathy and respect. This approach has mandated that I become transparent in the classroom and highlight my shortcomings, misgivings, fears, and tendencies while admitting my room for growth to the students that I am facilitating.


Teacher   ~ Facilitator  ~  Thinker   ~  Friend

Doc's Favorite Classroom Quotes

  • "The Time is Always Right To Do What is Right"- Martin Luther King
  • Live Life, Love Hard, and never Forget to Help Somebody- ME
  • "Decisions lay the Foundation for our Destiny" -unknown
  • "Imitation is immature, grow up and Create your own Imprint, Avoid being an Echo"- Cornel West
  • "I'm Complex in thought, yet simple to understand."- ME
  • "I am a P.I.M.P. (A Public Intellectual with Moral Principles) - Michael Eric Dyson                 "yep...pimpin aint dead!"
  • "Recognize a 'G' When you see him" (A God-Fearing, God-Loving, Gentleman)- ME
  • " I Just Wanna Be Successful....I suppose" -Trey Songz
  • "Don't get too comfortable in an uncomfortable position"- ME 

A philosopher's work is both omni-present and unceasing. As we continue to run this rat-race called life, someone needs to make sense of the labyrinth, or create more confusing pathways to become lost in. Sometimes, like the rapper, Gorilla Zoe, "I think I'm losing it". But sanity is over-rated when one, in the existentialist words of Eminem, must "lose oneself in the moment" cause I OWN it, and MUST never let it go. Accordingly you will catch me teaching courses that uses philosophical tools to address Popular Culture, Literature, Drama, History, Education and Religion.

My mission is to make philosophy both palpable                  and attainable while being feared and avoided for the            weak-spirited. Truth is a dangerous gift to receive,               we all are not prepared to "handle the truth".

My teaching pedagogy is to challenge folk to be                 true to oneself and push to the brink of destruction. Destruction breeds life, and often better than the one before....So if you come sit with me I ask you 2 questions....What are you willing to Die For? And are you Ready To Die?