Julius Bailey
Black History Month Speaking is Booking Now for 2016






Prisons and Detention Centers

For 11 years now Dr. Bailey has been a featured speaker in over 50 Prisons and Correctional Facilities. Primarily known throughout the Illinois Department of Corrections, other State Systems he has visited include: Indiana, Ohio and The State of California. Often referred to as a motivational speaker, Dr. Bailey is an educator who recognizes that History is 3 dimensional: The Past, The Present and The Future. He uses history to teach life lessons and attempts to assist in the shaping of new mentalities and purposed moralities.


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2017  Black History Month Dates 

6   Danville ((Il) High School  

      Graham Correctional  Facility (Il)  

7    Jacksonville Correctional Facility 

       Illinois River Correctional Facility

12  Book Club Event (indianapolis)  Racial Realities and Post Racial Dreams

13  Wilmington College, Ohio

15 (tentative hold)

16  Hiram University, Ohio

17  Hiram University, Ohio

17  Bradfield Community Center    Lima Ohio 

18  (tentative hold)

22   St. Xavier University (Chicago)

23   Decatur,Illinois event 


 Selected Lectures/Speech Topics since 2010 Include

  • The State of Democracies of the World
  • Is The Black Church Dead
  • Hip Hop and Social Justice
  • Kanye West as an Existential Hero
  • Are Jay-Z's  "Blueprints" applicable?
  • Educating Black Youth in Traumatic  


  • Sex,  Sexuality and American Youth
  • Race, Racism, and Diversity
  • Cell Therapy and Release Therapy: Freeing from Within
  • The Importance of Philosophy as a Life's Discipline 
  • Ida B. Wells/Billie Holiday: Affirming humanity in the face of insanity
  • We Die Daily but our Lives are Defined by each moment of (in)activity
  • ​America and its Post-Racial Duplicity