Section Section II                                       

Unpacking Hetero-normativity and Complicating Race and Gender

Chapter 6

"By Any Means Necessary": Kanye West and the Hypermasculine Construct                            

by Sha’Dawn Battle


Chapter 7

Kanye West’s Sonic Cosmopolitanism                 by Regina Bradley


Chapter 8

"Hard to Get Straight" Kanye West, Masculine Anxiety, Dis-identification                                      by Tim’m West


Chapter 9

You Can’t Stand the Nigger I See!: Kanye West’s Analysis of Anti-Black Death                   by Tommy Curry

                               Section III

Theorizing the Aesthetic, the Political and the Existential

Chapter 10

When Apollo and Dionysus Clash: A Nietzschean Perspective on the Work of Kanye West  by Julius Bailey


Chapter 11

The God of the New Slaves or Slave to a Religion and a God?                                               by Monica Miller


Chapter 12

Trimalchio From Chicago: Flashing Lights and The Great Kanye in West Egg                             by A. D. Carson

Chapter 13

Confidently (Non)cognizant of Neoliberalism: Kanye West and the Interruption of Taylor

Swift                                                                         by Nick Krebs

Chapter 14

Kanye Omari West: Visions of Modernity          by Dawn Boeck


 Advance Praise for the book

"Provocateur, egotist, sage, and artist, no figure in the past decade of popular culture has reflected and defined the zeitgeist better than Kanye West. This collection lays bare the tangle of complexities and contradictions that have made the artist and the art indispensable to our era and proves that if game recognizes game, wisdom does too." - Jelani Cobb, author of The Substance of Hope: Barack Obama & the Paradox of Progress

"If Julius Bailey was a song, he would be that surprise banger DJ Red Alert drops around one in the morning as the party is at its peak. He is humbly one part scholar and two parts philosopher, yet all hip hop. Respected for his integrity as a cultural critic and archivist, it's no surprise that like a master beat maker finding the perfect sample, he was ahead of the curve ball when he proposed to explore the cultural impact of Kanye West . . . but right on time." - Toni Blackman, US Hip Hop Ambassador

"The Cultural Impact of Kanye West is a much-needed addition in today's diluted hip hop cultural criticism. By deeming West, his chameleon persona and iconic brand worthy of scholarly examination, this book takes us on a philosophical odyssey like no other in the modern academy." - Rahiel Tesfamariam, founder and editor-in-chief, Urban Cusp

               Table of Contents           Foreword  by  Davey D

Section I

Revisiting the Pharmakon: Artistic Gifts / Human Complexities

Chapter 1

Now I Ain’t Saying He’s a "Crate Digger": Kanye West and the Soul Archive                         by Mark Anthony Neal

Chapter 2

Kanye West: Asterisk Genius?                         by  Akil Houston

Chapter 3

Afrofuturism: The Visual Imagery of Kanye West                                                                      by: Reynaldo Anderson and John Jennings

Chapter 4

You got Kanyed: Seen but Not Heard              by David J. Leonard

Chapter 5

An Examination of the Kanye West Higher Education Trilogy  by Heidi R. Lewis


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